Elite Drivo vs Tacx Flux

    Should you go with slightly cheaper Tacx Flux or should you go slightly more expensive Elite Drivo?

    First, here’s little bit of background. 6 moths ago(October 2016) I preordered myself Tacx Flux which was still in production process and waiting to hit the market. There was so little information about Flux arrival and the only one who cared to share some was DCRainmaker. And people squeezed Ray quite a lot as the Flux supposed to be a big hit of 2016 since it was direct-drive trainer with ERG mode at a lot cheaper price than it’s competitors. So 1 month passed by and still nothing, no Flux, where is it? No-one had a clue and Tacx was saying nothing. After a long wait, first units started to roll out of factory and I also received one in the beginning of December. I assembled the unit, took 1h easy spinn and boom, the Flux was making some weird sound. Made a video, sent it to Tacx, they replied quickly by saying the’re going to replace my unit. Got the new one in a week and was able to ride about 200km with the new unit and boom again, second unit down. This time it was the belt which misaligned itsself. After the second dead unit I decided to get a refund as the Flux was clearly unreliable. At this time I was also thinking to get Tacx Neo, but after Googling and finding all the problems Neo’s had, I was very sceptical in Tacx as a company overall. To this day(March) Flux is still seeing some problems, but much less than in the beginning. Tacx says they have fixed all the problems that occurred with the Flux and the new units are performing a lot better.

    After few wasted winter training months without a trainer I decided to go with Elite Drivo and bloody hell, IT IS GOOD. It is one of the best decisions you could make on indoor trainer world. It already felt more solid compared to the Flux and what could be better to have a real powermeter built inside the unit. No estimated power. The ERG mode (automatic resistance based on the terrain) works great, its stable and reads power super accurately. I like that Drivo turns itsself off after 10 or less minutes when you have finished training. Next time when you hop on the bike and start pedalling, Drivo turns on again. Flux didn’t have this kind of option. It was always on.

    People have been saying that Tacx mobile app is better than Elite’s mobile app, but I’d argue with that statement. Elite app is way smoother, well organized and simple. And it works better. At least on Android.

    Tacx Flux noise compared to Drivo’s? There’s not that much of a difference. Flux is tiny little bit quieter, but the difference is small. If your speed is slow and gears high, they both are basically silent. But if you’re hitting 250 watts on flat road with speed and lower gears, they both make somesort of noise. But it’s not loud noise. My girlfriend is watching TV in the same room when I have cranked 1000watts, no problems. Just gotta pick the right girl! 😀

    Tacx Flux smells like rubber they say? It does. Some even say it’s unbearable, don’t know about that. But if we’re talking about Drivo there’s no smell or the only smell is your sweat! 😉

    So who is target group for Tacx Flux? I think Tacx Flux is meant for people who are not training regularly. Flux suits better for people with low power outputs(max 300-400 watts or so) and for few times a week group ride cruising Zwift people. When you ride Flux and then ride Drivo, you could say Flux feels thin and weak. Is it intentional move by Tacx? With Drivo, you can crank it up as hard as you can and you still feel like the Drivo is asking from you “Is that all you got?”. Where Flux would say: “Hey, buddy, take it easy”. People are saying Drivo is ugly? Well, if you’re buying it as for decoration element in mind, then sure, Flux is prettier. But as a professional training equipment, Drivo stands out. And damn, I like how Drivo looks actually. I like weird stuff that stand out from the crowd!

    So these are my thoughts. If I have an opportunity to try Flux once more, maybe I’ll change my mind. For latest Flux good/bad (mostly bad) news, got to Tacx Flux owners group in Facebook.

    Here’s my Drivo assembled. What a beauty, isn’t it? 😛