Elite Drivo rubber knob/tilted bike fix

Did you find a little rubber knob from the box with Drivo and have no idea where it came from?

Well, I had absolutely no idea and just sticked it to a random spot on Drivo’s leg, but a Belgian guy named Klaus discovered that Drivo is not standing evenly on all 4 legs. One of the 2 legs at the back of Drivo was few millimeters off the ground. Klaus made a picture of it and you can see it here:  So I went to see if my Drivo had the same problem and woila, it did! It turned out that little missing black knob was responsible for that little elevated leg. So where do you put the knob? You need to place it next to the RED screwable knob under the round bent metal frame so that the metal bar and the metal frame construction wouldn’t hit eachother when you screw the red knob in. See the picture here:

This keeps the bar even all the way and correct the position of the unit by lowering the Drivo’s left leg(if you stand in front of the Drivo). Before the knob thing that I actually noticed that my bike wasn’t straight and felt it was leaning to the right just a little bit and I was thinking that it must be my bike which is old and twisted 😀 So now, after placing the knob, the unit sits straight and my bike sits straight as well. Here’s a picture of the back leg marks on foam. If you look closely, right foot has pressed itsself to the foam evenly, but the left one hasn’t. Although, it didn’t affect my cycling, I feel more relieved that my bike sits sraight(measured the frame with bubble level) and the unit sits on all 4 connection points with the ground.

And finally, have a look at my cheap 26 inch bike with the Drivo 😀